Amsterdam, Lucerne, Zurich — and a Rhine River Cruise

All our group trips have been exceptional and different, but this may have been the most unique. We visited 4 countries, each with its own picturesque vistas, tried different foods, and pushed through a couple of rainy (and even snowy) days.

We’re so fortunate to have each other and to have shared so many wonderful adventures.

On this trip 10 of us came and went at various times, although we spent the majority of the trip together. It started 2 days pre-cruise when Carolyn, Gloria, Maryann, Mickey and Joan met in Amsterdam.Yes, it rained but it didn’t stop us from visiting the Anne Frank House, seeing the sights, walking the streets (even the ones with red lights),
 and having an traditional Indonesian Rjistaffel (rice table) dinner.

A day later the cruise began (although it didn’t leave Amsterdam until day 2).
We enjoyed the small ship experience, loved the AMA hospitality and were truly enchanted by our ‘ports of call’.

Rudesheim was lovely and a visit to the Seigfried Mechanical Music Museum was interesting and provided a few laughs. Oh, yes, they did!

Though it started out a little chilly, we spent a beautiful morning on deck cruising past the castles on the way to Strausbourg.

And had a colorful introduction to Cologne.

We enjoyed the sights and town center in Heidelberg.

Another day, we split up and some went to the Black Forrest while others went to the very picturesque towns of Colmar and Riquewihr. 

On the way to Lucerne, we made a tour of Basel and saw the Lion in the Mountain (again, in the rain).

And then … Lucerne, where we woke up to snow. It’s a truly beautiful place to which I’d like to return one day.

Two days were not enough, but 4 of us had to return to the U.S. (via train to airport) while 6 went on a lake cruise and then Zurich for a couple of days.

A great trip and a lot of fun!

Full set of photos on flickr. Click here.

4 responses to “Amsterdam, Lucerne, Zurich — and a Rhine River Cruise

  1. Wonderful photos and commentary…I would love to revisit Lucerne too! Had a great time and loved being with all of you, even with my apprehension! Looking forward to our next adventure, wherever that may be!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, Joan. It looks like you all had a fantastic time, and the pictures are wonderful!
    I hope all of you will be calling me for future travel plans!
    Warm regards,
    New Horizons/Avoya Travel

  3. Amazing pictures, have to say one of our best trips ,Live, Love and Laugh!!!!

    • Hi Irene, Found you & Delores in the photos. You both look so good & happy. Glad to see you are enjoying the traveling. Your old friend, Ida N., Sarasota, Florida.

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