Catching Up: Mini Group Trips and Reunions | 2018-2019

While we (im)patiently await our much anticipated Asia trip in November 2020, I realize I hadn’t posted anything here since the Venice-Croatia-Sicily cruise in 2017. Why? Maybe because we were smaller groups doing smaller and/or mini trips — but that doesn’t mean we haven’t lost our love of travel and each other!❤️

Valencia, Spain | October 2018
Here we are at the City of Arts & Sciences, a fantastic cultural and architectural complex in a beautiful park that fronted our hotel. In Valencia, we did the usual exploring of neighborhoods by foot and public transportation, visited markets and museums — and had some wonderful meals including a private sunset tapas dinner  in a rooftop apartment facing this complex; a multi-course lunch at Ricard Camarena, a 2-star Michelin-rated restaurant, and our own paella-making experience on a rice farm.
kitchensNever got to all parts of the city in our short visit but, all in all, we had a good time and  found Valencia to be a pretty city that was easy to navigate with lots of activities.

San Juan, PR | January 2019
While San Juan may not be a new destination, it is relatively close and always great for a few-day-getaway. We were particularly happy we made the decision to support Puerto Rico post-hurricane Maria and were even happier to see that the Island (at least the San Juan area) was almost back to normal. We had a wonderful time and ate at some newly-discovered top chef-driven restaurants. It was a very nice way to start the new year!

Seville-Morocco | May 2019
This trip started out with 3 of us in Seville, the home of Flamenco, where we discovered another architectural pedestrian wonder called Metropol Parasol or Las Setas (mushroom). We explored it from above by day and at night from the terrace of a chef’s home where we had a private dinner.Seville-67
Seville-92Once again, we were in a great hotel across from a park and near to all the sights, especially the Plaza de España which was across the street. (Spain really has great hotels at good prices!)SevilleWhen Katie returned to the U.S., Mary and I did an overnighter in Tangiers and then visited Chefchaouen, the “Blue City” before returning to Seville the next day. Morocco-3Morocco-35


And Catching Up on Some Reunion Get-Togethers:

At the NYC Seaport, 2018.

At Irene’s home in the Hampton’s this summer, 2019.kitchens-3

And, this past week in NYC, when we lunched in a private room at the Tuck House.

— and spent a little time al fresco at the Seaport.

Bon Voyage to our four “sisters” who are soon embarking on another river cruise!

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