The Poet’s Corner

Post Trip Prose from our Resident Poet

“Our Wine & Dine Down the Enchanting Rhine”
A simple plan to “wine” down the Rhine…
The magic number we started with was nine.
From the city (New York), the beach (Howard), the island (Staten), the shore (New Jersey)-
and, of course, the sunshine state (Florida)…
Then we added just one more, it was her voice that made her late.
The eating and drinking were out of control…
If we wanted to be on the Biggest Loser…I think we reached our goal!
It was great to see the sights whether they be German, French, or Dutch…
But, it was the crew of the AmaCello that had the Midas Touch.
We can’t forget Florin-that wouldn’t be nice…
After all, we made him blush more than once or twice.
And Fifty Shades of Grey had nothing on us…
We had our very own Christian on boat, bike or bus!
Then there was the night of nights when the popped champagne we drank…
And sang and danced in a chorus line with Elvis and with Frank.
Now, let’s not overlook the fact that this group of ladies has a special pact…
Of family and friends-and friends who are family.
They’re simply one and the same-to which I’m glad to add my name!
So, close your eyes and spin the globe and pick another place real far…
April 2013


It wasn’t the first time I was asked

But it seemed like such a daunting task.

Leaving everything behind
(for almost two weeks)

Was I out of my mind?

When you start out at the airport with pizza and beer

It can only go downhill from there.

Intros are made and settling in starts

The hotel and staff really stole our hearts.

A private driver and tour guides to boot

We threw around euros like it was fake loot!

Walking and shopping and posing galore

There wasn’t one amongst us who was a “boar”.

Now food and wine were of major import

But, in all of Tuscany, only one chicken could be bought?

AHH to the SPA, what a perfect day

Lunch in a park that could take your breath away.

Giuseppe…Ricardo… Roberto… were delightful chaps

Who quenched our thirst with Prosecco and “Caps”!

A map, a suggestion, an appointment…Beatrice was there

With her behind the desk, we didn’t have a care.

The countryside, the mountains, the sounds and the sights

Of course, we”ll remember til Alzheimer’s bites!

But for me the company I keep is the kick

And I’m pleased to say you ladies did the trick.

10 girls on a mission but not like Kashi

I only knew 4, but now I have a bigger posse!

Homebound flights didn’t go so well

But on the negative let’s not dwell.

After delays we were on our way

But my memories of Tuscany and you I’m sure will stay!

October 2012


One response to “The Poet’s Corner

  1. I read this again and smiled. It was a fun trip and this poem said it all.

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