Mini Getaway/Staycation in Delray Beach

The Howard Beach contingent and the 4th Ward gals joined the Florida gang and friends for a fun-packed mini vacation that started with a welcome brunch at Casa Nova.

We started as a group of six at brunch on Day 1, but while waiting for our table in Vic ‘n Angelo’s that evening, we got a big surprise  …

and then there were seven.jpg

well, really a petite one. And then there 7.

Brunch at Benny’s on the Beach Monday.

benny's on the beach

And at Savor the Avenue dinner event that evening.

(Liz one side of Carolyn and our Kim with Erika on the other side; Joanne Gagliardi next to Mary).

Tuesday was a failed attempt at doing a Duck Diva tour of Palm Beach (next time!), but we took a leisurely ride up the coast to Palm Beach, saw a movie and had a nice dinner.

Wednesday afternoon was spent al fresco on the Intracoastal with lunch and gameplay at Mary’s house, followed by the 7 of us meeting Josie’s sister, Betty, for dinner in Mizner Park.

4 days and nights of chatter, laughs, a lot of food, even more wine, and Sisterhood!

Hope we can make this an annual event.

One response to “Mini Getaway/Staycation in Delray Beach

  1. The best brunch ever at Casa Nova, the best sister fun, always a laugh when we are together, Thanks again Joan and Mary for taking such good care of the New York Trio plus one surprise.

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