June 2009 – reunion dinner at Uncle Nick’s, Manhattan

L-R: Barbara, Joann, Rita, Irene, Rae, Katie, Claudia, Dolores, Josie, Carolyn, Gloria, Joan

See also August 30, 2010 reunion at Buenos Aires Restaurant, NYC

2 responses to “Get-Togethers

  1. I am interested in learning more about your group. Please contact me with more information. Thank you-Lillian

  2. I am from Australia, and I would also like more info on this. My friends are all married, have kids and grand children. I am way to young to be sitting home waiting for life. I need to get life. I am nearly 56 and feel 26. I do not want to sit on a bus and wait for life to happen. Maybe i watch to many movies which prove women need to travel, I am passionate about travel, i love meeting people and talking with people… us aussies are a tough breed, we do want to get out there, just a bit harder being single, I saw the movie that has changed me, the Exotic Hotel Marigold with Judy Dench. I dont want to wait that long… i need travel…I tried so hard to break into the travel industry to be a tour guide for us “older love travelling people” hmm they still think the young ones know how we want it. No they dont smile, someone out there… feel the same as me smile Please only serious travellers need respond smile.. I am a travellor, have done 5 trips os and many many trips with my job and friends so not naive to ummm well you know what i mean, im out there to travel and travel and broaden my life

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