Planning 2010 Trip in FL, December 2009

We celebrated the start of the holidays at Mary & Nick’s annual ‘boat parade’ party last night and had a great time — but today we  got down to business…the business of where to go in 20-10!

Over brunch — and for 3 hours past, we reviewed and discussed potential trips. I had already researched several destinations and had multiple itineraries to present. We batted around Portugal, a river cruise, a spa in Tuscany, Peru and finally decided.

Drum roll, please…

This year, it’s South America!

The itinerary we selected will give you a taste of Argentina, Brazil, Iguazu Falls and even includes a lunch in Uruguay. We’re looking at an October 6 departure.

I’m going back to the travel companies to see if I can work some group magic. Details will follow.

3 responses to “Planning 2010 Trip in FL, December 2009

  1. Sounds great. I want to go and be in the pictures again. Let me know dates and I will try very hard to get the time off.
    Love your hair.

  2. i vote for s.a. if the price is right.


  3. Any trips planned for 2014.?

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