Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg + Gay Paree!

October 2009

From L-R: Dolores, Irene, Barbara, Joann, Patricia, Josie and Rita.

The group spent 2 nights in Amsterdam, 2 nights Brussels, 2 nights Luxembourg and 3 nights Paris. In Amsterdam and Paris, they met up with our 2 other ‘sisters’, Claudia and Rae (not pictured), who were traveling separately. A little chillier than expected and a little too much movement but everyone had a great time and enjoyed the destinations. Some of the highlights:

  • visiting The Battle of the Bulge where General Patton is buried.
  • red light district in Amsterdam
  • a side trip to Germany for sauerbratten and Reisling wine
  • Belgian beer
  • and something about a coffee(?) shop in Amsterdam…

Note: Kodak does not allow for digital downloading of the photos so I can’t show them to you here, but you can see Irene’s album and Rita’s. If someone who was on the trip wants to send me a few photos via email, I’ll be happy to put them up.

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