Greece ’07 – Opa!

3 nights Athens, 3 nights Aegean cruise, 3 nights Santorini 2007

The Group Experience

We missed our 2006 “Sisters” who were unable to make this trip and welcomed some new members.

This was our second “organized” Traveling Sisterhood trip and while still a work-in-progress from which we learn and hopefully go forward, it was remarkably successful. Everything provided by Central Holidays met or exceeded expectations. Our flights, accommodations, connections and arrangements worked perfectly (anyone who has any question about that can think back to the journey to the Italian Riviera last year!). I’m happy to say that my two restaurant recommendations in Athens (Filostron & Taverna Stamatopoulos) and our last night at Selene in Santorini were among the food highlights of the trip. Phew! I’d hate to have my reputation as a ‘culinista’ blemished.

When the trip began each of us knew at least several women in the group, but no one knew everyone. What a difference a day makes as the base builds and we start to share the experience. You begin to feel that extra confidence that enables you to joke around. You feel the security of knowing there’s always someone to sit down to breakfast with or take a walk with, and you start to look around to see if everyone is keeping up.

Since the group was large, I thought it might break down into sub-groups which it did at times but, for the most part, we kind of stuck together. And even when we did take off in different directions, we often found ourselves back together. Lots of times, one would start off with one group and then halfway through the excursion join up with another. It’s a testament to all of us that we were open, flexible, welcoming and willing to share.

While this concept of all women group travel was new to several of you, I think the majority agrees the pluses outweigh the minuses. Most specifically for the reasons stated above. You always have a companion, you won’t feel like a fifth wheel, and it can be very rewarding. I can’t speak to the minuses because I don’t see any…unless, of course, the choice was The Traveling Sisterhood or being on a yacht in Mediterranean with George Clooney.

I believe a large part of why our concept works is due to 2 things: no one is a real stranger and we are all basically from the same demographic pool. In the end, we probably share more similarities than differences…and we all have a thirst to travel and see the world!

Carolyn, Katie and I are having what has become our ‘annual trip planning’ meeting in Florida in early December to start the selection process for ‘08. If you have any destination suggestions or comments/observations about the past trip(s) you think we should take into consideration, send ‘em down.

Meantime, I hope this trip met your expectations and maybe even enlightened and empowered you in some way. Just knowing we survived all those hills, steps and cobblestones (up and down) is empowering to me!

I hope you will consider joining us again next year. Life is a journey…you might as well venture out of your backyard and enjoy it.

Stay in touch,


For more photos, click here and choose ‘slideshow’.

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