South America in 2010 • It’s Official!


3 nights Buenos Aires

2 nights Iguazu Falls

2 nights Rio de Janeiro

Flights and hotels are being reserved. Your credit cards will be debited for the deposit and airfare when everything is confirmed.

The next thing we have to do is apply for Brazil visas. I will give you directions on how to do this soon.

So far, we have 10 passengers signed up.

Leaving from NY: Carolyn Lupi, Katie Davis, Irene D’Ambrosio, Debbie D’Ambrosio, Josephine Massino, Dolores D’Ambrosio, Maryann Armstrong, Virginia Armstrong

JFK (overnight flights)

10/8 AA# 955 leaves 10:15PM and arrives Buenos Aires 9:45AM

10/16 AA #950 leaves Rio 6:05PM, arrives JFK at 6:30AM

Leaving from FL: Joan Nova, Mary Catello

MIA (overnight flights)

10/8 AA #943 leaves 11:20PM and arrives Buenos Aires 9:05AM

10/16 AA #904 leaves Rio 8:20PM, arrives MIA 4:15AM (ugh!)

Questions? Email

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