San Francisco • November 2009

I was invited to attend a ‘food blogger weekend’ in San Francisco and was delighted when Carolyn and Katie decided to join me in the ‘city by the bay’. Although each of us had been there before (multiple times). we managed to enjoy new activities and see beautiful sights.

We visited the Palace of Fine Arts and the scientific Exploratorium Museum where we delighted with some of the exhibits…like the rest of the children there.

Katie had her hair electrified. She also ‘drank from a toilet bowl’ but I don’t have that photo.

Carolyn and I went in small houses and sat in large chairs.

We met up with Mdm. Marie (remember her from our Greece trip?) and took a ferry ride to Sausalito for lunch.

We spent a gorgeous day in Napa and Sonoma…and even made a picnic on the grounds of one of the wineries.

And, of course, we ate. Lots.

These are just a few of our interesting ‘bites’ (whole snapper), a trio of coconut desserts and flan empanada.

For more San Francisco, see FOODalogue posts #1, #2, and #3.

We missed you all and are hoping we can recreate our full group experience in 2010. Trip details and announcement coming soon!

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