2015 Trip Planning Get-Together in Broad Channel, NY


We’re talking Sicily and Southern Italy. Stay tuned. Thanks for a great day!New York_August 2014-DSC_0050

New York_August 2014-DSC_0055

Spain-Portugal 2014

Spain_Portugal-DSC_0303 This customized trip was just about perfect. We enjoyed all our destinations and side trips, accommodations, services, and included (-or-suggested) meals. Kudos to GoToday who made all our arrangements and our on-site guide in Portugal, Paul Bernard. Continue reading

Bilbao, Lisbon and Albufeira • May 2014

The countdown begins. 

Hilton Head-Savannah Getaway

Savanah_Hilton Head-DSC_0059
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Amsterdam, Lucerne, Zurich — and a Rhine River Cruise

All our group trips have been exceptional and different, but this may have been the most unique. We visited 4 countries, each with its own picturesque vistas, tried different foods, and pushed through a couple of rainy (and even snowy) days.

We’re so fortunate to have each other and to have shared so many wonderful adventures. Continue reading

Bonjour Quebec and Thumbs Down to United Airlines and Newark Airport

A delightful reunion and getaway, despite all the travel frustrations (details here).

Next Trip: Rhine River Cruise, April 12, 2013.

Sarasota Getaway

Katie, Carolyn, Mary and I had a little getaway before our group trip in July. Katie’s daughter, Kerry and our friend, Liz, also joined us for a few days in Sarasota, FL.

While we relaxed, we talked about where The Traveling Sisterhood will go in 2013.

But, first, Quebec! See you in July!

A Taste of Tuscany

While returning to Montecatini from a trip to Pisa, I had time to reflect on my travels in Italy. I realized that over the years I’ve visited close to 25 cities — and about three-quarters of them more than once (Florence 3x, Rome 3x, Venice 2x, Montecatini 2x, Pisa 2x, Lucca 2x, etc.) You get the idea. Amazing, isn’t it? 

And, while I probably won’t go back again next year, I am in no way done with Italy. Continue reading

Pre-Trip Reunion

Arthur Avenue. Touring the Little Italy of The Bronx and getting psyched for our October trip to Tuscany.

South America • 2010 • Buenos Aires, Iguazu, Rio de Janeiro

It was a first time visit to South America for 8 of the 10 of us  so this was a perfect itinerary to get a taste  of the landscape, culture, activities and food! We visited the most important sights, hit a church/museum or two, flea/handicraft markets, had a few heart-stopping adventures and we ate…boy, did we eat!

Pictured: Debbie D’Ambrosio, Irene D’Ambrosio, Virginia Armstrong, Katie Davis, Carolyn Lupi, Maryann Armstrong, Joan Nova, Josie Massimo, Dolores D’Ambrosio, Mary Catello. Continue reading